Smartphone Long Exposure Tips.

Smartphone Photography

So you want to capture that amazing star gazing photo or even just brighten up that night shot with your Smartphone but it’s always way under exposed and colors are not as vibrant as you see them with ur naked eye?

Well these tips will definitely help you capture your star gazing evening outing. Are you ready?

Tip number 1:

Invest in a decent Tripod and smartphone mount. These are essential pieces of equipment to capture those stars so they stay clear and bright and not lines of blur and shakiness. It doesn’t have to be an expensive ones either… Just something durable enough to hold up against slight winds and to properly secure your phone. I use a Manfrotto 60″ adjustable tripod. It cost me around $50 from Best Buy and came with a phone mount.

Tip number 2:

Wipe clean your camera lense with a soft cloth like a microfiber or even your T-shirt as long as it’s clean. Nothing is worse than taking what would have been a great photo only….. It has a smudge look due to your fingerprints. I still have to remind myself to do this after I take my phone out of my pocket before i snap that first photo. Also another tip in this is if your taking photos by the ocean to ensure to wipe your lense(s) have every so snaps to avoid the build up of salt, fog and mist caused by the sea breeze and elements.

Tip number 3 :

Shoot in Lanscape, when taking pics of sceneries. Place your phone in the mount horizontally, this will capture more of area your shooting, paints that better picture for your viewers.

To capture those portraits hold your phone vertically. This allows you to capture your subject better and have them appear closure.

Remember: landscapes are horizontal and Portraits are vertical.

Tip number 4 :

Ditch auto mode and use your cameras manual mode or pro mode depending on what brand your phone calls it. By doing so you get to tap deeper into your camera setting letting you adjust your ISO, White Balance, Shutter Speed / Exposure and even focus point. Another note…set a timer at least 3 sec. Adjust these settings until you achieve the desired look and feel your going for.

So now that you have the tips for low light, slow shutter and long exposure Photography with your smartphone, it’s time to get out there and put them to work. Have fun, be bold, and remember have fun doing it.

Below are a few more examples of Long Exposure Photography taken with an LG V30.

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